Why do I need to consider a modular prefab structure over conventional ones?

What are Modular buildings?

Modular buildings are viable alternatives to traditional brick and concrete structures and are designed to be cost-effective. You don’t need a team of masons and carpenters to construct a modular building, as they are quick to assemble and can be put together by a small crew of workers. In fact, if you are equipped with the right tools, you can do-it-yourself!

Modular construction saves between 40-60% costs, time and effort over the traditional method of construction. As the name implies, your house can be modified and expanded easily. This allows you to start small and grow, without having to spend excessive amounts of money on expansion and renovation. A standard house can be assembled in 48 hours. Yes, you read that right, 4N makes this possible for you.

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What material do you use for your structures?

The structure of the elements is made of plain, spore resistant, Fir wood. The wooden structure is covered with a special high density 4N MgO board.

The 4N MgO board is a sheet that consists mainly of magnesium oxide, or magnesia, a naturally occurring mineral. The board has been awarded with the highest qualifications for emissions (M1) and non- combustibility (A1), (universally compliant). 4N MgO board is easy to handle and to fasten and can be applied for inner and outer surfaces, forming part of the support structure of the building. The board is resistant to humidity and has excellent tensile properties, both for bending and shock resistance and does not weather or melt. The element surface is versatile for paint, plaster or wooded panels.

The Standard dimensions for a 4N Modular panel are:

  • Width : 1200mm
  • Height : 2440mm (scalable to 2700mm and 3000 mm)
  • Thickness : 94 mm

The thicknesses of the elements are:

  • Outside wall 94 mm(scalable in cold conditions if necessary)
  • Inside wall 91 mm

Are the structures versatile?

The elements are designed in a way that allows the modular extension of the 4N Modular House. They can be mounted together from longer and/or shorter sides. Because of this connectivity the buildings can be disassembled and reassembled in different combinations, making them highly reusable.


What are the dimensions available with 4N?

The standard 4N element size is 1200 x 2440 mm. These elements can be put together to create structures and applications.

Here are a few sample Standard 4N house sizes:

  • 4N3 - 27 sqm, 4N4 - 36 sqm
  • 4N6 - 53 sqm, 4N8 - 71 sqm
  • 4N10 - 89 sqm, 4N12 - 106 sqm

4N also offers custom-made sizes based on customer requirement. The structures are highly adaptable to customers’ needs.


How will you transport them if I live in another country?

Our production facility is strategically located in the port of Loviisa, Finland, with direct access to trains trucks and ships. Our logistics is one of the best in this business.

The 4N Modular Houses and other materials will be shipped in 40 ft standard sea containers if not otherwise agreed.Efficient use of transportation is at the core of 4N Modular House design. With effective transportation we minimize the cost, as well as any environmental impacts. The elements are specially packed for transportation.

We have shipped our solutions to India, Middle East and Africa. We have the capability to ship to South America, Africa USA, Canada, India, Turkey, Middle East... and to every corner of the world very soon!


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