Global delivery
We will deliver to you a superior finished product in the country you reside, with our signature "Finnish" quality!
Our modular prefab structures can be assembled on site, in any location and region and are highly affordable and of excellent quality. Say goodbye to brick and concrete!  

Efficient and sustainable
Our structures are resistant to earthquake, storms, extreme temperatures, rain and fire. To authenticate what we say, our materials have been tested and certified. 

Raw materials for the structure are natural and eco-friendly. The wood is certified and procured from responsible forests. 

Offsite construction, Onsite delivery
Our production facility is strategically located in the port of Loviisa, Finland, with direct access to ships, trucks and trains. We proudly proclaim that our logistics is one of the best in this business. Modular structures can be shipped safely to South America, South Africa, West Africa USA, Canada, India, Turkey, Middle East... and to every corner of the world very soon! 

Design partners
4Nature specializes in conceptualizing modular prefab structures. Each of 4 Nature’s projects are endorsed by renowned Architecture firms Laitila Architects and Vahanen from Finland and ADCPL from Pune, India who are 4N’s design partners. Together, this team of experts brings to the table a unique sense of style and design.

Recent Installation - A leisure home amidst nature, Hanko, Finland

A leisure home amidst nature, Hanko, Finland